Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Neighborly Thing to Do

Observant and caring neighbors can help us a lot. On a daily basis, you see cats in and around your property and can tell us where there are hiding places, kittens, and injured cats. You may know the times that cats come and go. This is all great information that we don't always have. You may be able to tell us about cat colonies that we are unaware of, and need to care for. We need your information.

You may not have the time to volunteer on a regular basis, but this information would be tremendously helpful for our volunteers!

Here's how you can help:

1. Join us at our next meeting at the Forest Park Library on June 30 at 7pm, lower level. We're cat people, friendly, welcoming, and we won't suck you in to a commitment you're not ready for!

2. E-mail us. We'll e-mail you a sign to put in your window that says Friend of CATS for Forest Park! If you print out and display this sign in your window, one of our volunteers knows they can knock on your door and ask you about the cats in your area.

3. Join us at our next fundraiser on August 29 at the Park District Building. C'mon, everyone likes Brown Cow Ice Cream!

Thanks for being neighborly and helping us make a difference in Forest Park!

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