Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's raining news stories in the Forest Park Review!

Special thanks to the Forest Park Review for their great coverage of CATS for Forest Park this past week - don't know if you saw the front page, and the editorial section and the article about us! We're hometown famous!
Front page
Editorial page

This is great momentum for our call out for volunteers - are you interested in helping to take cats to the ACL to have them spayed and neutered, and return them to their colony? Will you help us feed and water stray cats? We're preparing a volunteer training and are looking for interested people who have a little bit of time and a lot of love for strays in our community.

Please e-mail us if you can help and would like to attend a volunteer training.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We raised $365 today!

Thanks to everyone who came out today to support Sundaes for Strays. We made a lot of new friends and encouraged a lot of new volunteers to support C.A.T.S. for Forest Park, and made $365 for our Colony Care Fund in the process. We appreciate your support!

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's time for ICE CREAM! Support our strays!

Sunday's the day, will you be there?

Forest Park Park District Building - 2:00pm, a fundraiser to beat all fundraisers (this weekend is gonna be hot!)

Sundaes for Strays is the time to find out about volunteer opportunities with C.A.T.S. for Forest Park - and to enjoy a fantastic Brown Cow ice cream sundae in the process.

Join us and bring a friend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Days until Sundaes for Strays!

Please spread the word, bring a friend and share some summer fun as we enjoy Brown Cow Ice Cream and raise funds for C.A.T.S. for Forest Park and the Animal Care League. We have a lot of momentum and we need your support and volunteer efforts to continue - come find out more on August 29 at 2:00pm at the Park District Building of Forest Park. For all the details, click here!

Monday, August 16, 2010

ACL Receives Pet Smart Grant to Support TNR Services for Forest Park!

This is AMAZING news! The Animal Care League has received a large grant ($10,000) solely to support the trap-neuter-return services provided by C.A.T.S. for Forest Park! PetSmart supports spay/neuter surgeries and the purchase of traps to serve and return 300 cats in Forest Park!

What tremendous momentum for our efforts! With the enthusiasm and work that we have established, the ACL was able to show that C.A.T.S. for Forest Park is making a difference for strays in our community. Now we can build and grow our efforts, with increased volunteer support, and additional fundraising to provide the ancillary services to cats that we know are so valuable (FeLV testing, FIV testing, food, blankets/shelter, kitten fostering supplies, etc.).

Join us on August 29 at Sundaes for Strays to find out more, and how you can get involved!

Thank you Animal Care League!

Great News!

Just wanted you to know that we raised $310 from our Blackhawks Jersey Fundraiser last month! Thanks to everyone who purchased raffle tickets - we did really well!

We still need your help, because the need is great, with the cost of FIV and FeLV testing, food, and kitten care supplies. See you on August 29 at Sundaes for Strays!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sundaes for Strays - Sunday August 29 at 2pm!

It's a benefit that keeps on giving!

Brown Cow Ice Cream Sundaes!

Funds to raise money for CATS for Forest Park and the ACL!

How can you possibly miss it?

Sundaes for Strays
August 29, 2010
2pm - 3:30 pm
Park District of Forest Park main building

$20/ per adult
$5 for children under 16
One adult can bring one child under 10 for free!

Find out about CATS for Forest Park, how you can help, and how we're making a difference in Forest Park!

See you there!