Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Introduction

You may be wondering who is working behind the scenes to post and moderate the blog for C.A.T.S. for Forest Park. When I set the blog up, it wouldn't let me use my name, just the name of the organization - so it seems secretive - but it's not!

My name is Michelle Melin-Rogovin, and I've been a Forest Park resident since 1994. I live on the south side of the Eisenhower expressway near the Ferrara Pan candy factory, and my husband Mark and I have two socialized feral cats that we love and adore and share our home with. Fluffy and Annie have shared our lives for a decade - Fluffy was born in our backyard 10 years ago, and Annie came to our backdoor looking for food 7 years ago, and we've taken care of them ever since (spayed and neutered them, their siblings and their kittens and found good homes for all of them). I think we've taken care of at least 12 cats and kittens along the way, with good intentions.

Any cats and kittens we've encountered over the years we've done the same - and it's through our neighbors and our association with the Animal Care League that we've wanted to do more. That's why we're working to develop a coordinated program to care for homeless cats in Forest Park and encouraging our neighbors to become involved.

I'm new to the official trap-neuter-return program world and am learning a lot from dedicated animal lovers and the Animal Care League, all who have been working on this for a long time. We're dedicated to doing this correctly, and with the best of intentions for all involved. Thanks for understanding that we're all growing and learning through this process, especially me.


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  1. Great job on the blog. A terrific way to keep folks informed. You are making a difference. The lessons learned in TNR will be joyful & heartbreaking. The task may seem undaunting, but don't be discouraged. I hope some cats in the colonies that are not truly feral will be re-homed & given a second chance they deserve, that the kittens rescued will never know the hardships of life on the streets, & the ferals will have a less stressful life in their colonies. CATS for Forest Park has what it takes to make a difference & succeed. Michelle.....you have done an awesome job on this blog. You rock & kudos to all the volunteers of CATS. BTW I see Rose Mattax is one of your followers....it would be quite wonderful if she has sent CATS & all the colony cats Reiki.