Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We've started to care for cats!

TEAM WHISKERS has begun caring for a colony in Forest Park and has brought 2 cats to the Animal Care League for evaluation and care. One cat was spayed, tested for viruses (found negative) and received rabies and FVRCP vaccines. All services were paid for from funds raised by C.A.T.S. and this cat was re-released.

The second cat was found to have an advanced cancer (extremely large cancer protruding from the eye and into the brain) and lymph nodes were involved. Neighbors reported that this cat had been living with this condition for more than a year. This cat was put to sleep at the recommendation of the veterinarian. It is heartbreaking to find cats with such terrible medical conditions which require euthanasia and we hope this doesn't happen too often. However, in a few such cases, it may be a merciful option for the cat involved. Medical care was paid for by C.A.T.S.

The goal of C.A.T.S. is to provide trap-neuter-release services to cats in Forest Park, a humane response to stray cat colonies. Our aim is to maintain the health and well being of cats, while reducing the populations of cats in Forest Park through a spay and neuter program.

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