Thursday, May 27, 2010

The three amigos!

This is Annie (top left) an eight month old female, Feisty (above) an eight month old male and Whiskers (bottom), a year old female who had just had kittens eight weeks ago. We captured these cats on 5/26/10 and took them to PetVets in Oak Park Illinois for TNR. They were treated and released!


  1. What will happen to Whisker's kittens that were born 8 weeks ago? I'm assuming your sponsor, Animal Care League, will rehabilitate the kittens once they are rescued & be put up for adoption since they are a shelter. Good job!!

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Unfortunately, at the time we caught Whiskers, we were unable to locate the kittens, despite looking very hard! The vet told us she had given birth due to the fact that there was dried up milk on her body. But you are right, when we catch any kittens, they are not returned to the colony, they are rehabilitated and given to good homes in accordance with the Cook County ordinance. We will be looking for interested volunteers who want to foster young kittens, because the ACL and we will foster all the kittens we find.